All About Anny...
Hello! Welcome to my webpage. I suppose I don't look like
the average idea of a romance writer, but you'd be
surprised if you went to a conference for romance writers.
We come in all shapes, sizes, genders and ages. The
important thing is we all love romance and writing.

I wrote my first romance in 2006 and my first
book--Chrysanthemum--was published in 2007. Since
then, I've written twenty romances. Some folks believe
romances are only for women. That's just wrong. Most of
the great literary works have elements of romance. Think
about all the Arthurian legends. Pure romance.

Writing isn't my only interest, though. Like most folks I
have a life outside of my writing endeavors. I'm retired so I
finally have time to pursue the other pasttimes that I love.
At the moment, the House Hunk and I are knitting socks.
Some for sale. Some for friends and family. And some for
the homeless.

While you're here, check out my other pages. Or click on
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BLOG. And of course, I always love hearing
from readers and fellow writers. Just drop me a note at

Special Note: I've recently received my rights back for
several of my books. As I check them over for necessary
changes and minor errors, I will re-issue them. For those
currently available, please check my book page.