Fed up and heartsick, Dancer, virtuoso violinist
and assassin decides to retire despite the angry
objections of his boss. On the run for his life,
he heads for a hideaway in the mountains. Safe
in the warm shelter of his cave Dancer awoke
to the strong scent of flowers. His initial
investigations of a strange tunnel lead to
another cave and a beautiful valley. When he
returns to the cave, he is shocked to find that
the tunnel has disappeared trapping him in
Mystic Valley.

A gardener and amateur botanist, Eppie spends
her lonely days searching out new plants for the
blue inhabitants of Mystic Valley while she
waits for her destined bond-mate to find his
way to the valley. Now time is running short.
From the instant they forged a mind bond, her
body began
schalzina, the biological
preparation for physical bonding in valley
women. Each new occurrence of
schalzina is
stronger and nudges Eppie another step closer
to the final consequence—death—unless
Dancer reaches the valley in time for their oath-
binding and physical bonding.

Will he find his way to her? And if he does, will
he agree to an immediate joining with this
beautiful stranger?
Unity Brooks can’t believe her eyes
when she discovers evidence of illegal
transactions in the company books. She
presents the evidence to her supervisor,
who listens attentively and even
provides her with a comforting cup of
coffee. Imagine her embarrassment
when she wakes half-naked and bound
in the arms of Aquilla Johnson, the
accountant auditing the books.

After spending a stunning night with
Unity, Quill is puzzled when she drops
out of sight. His employer sends him on
assignment to his family home to
investigate a case nearby until the media
finds other scandals to focus on. When
the two cases collide, and Unity’s life is
threatened, they learn sharing their
secrets is the safest way to stay alive.