Faced with marrying off his
wild spinster daughters as soon
as possible, Florian LeFleur
gains permission from his
employer, King Arthur, to
bring them to court at Came-a-
lot. Surely with so many of the
Knights of the Round Dungeon
to choose from, they’ll quickly
settle on suitable husbands. But
all doesn’t go as planned. King
Arthur is kidnapped by the Blue
Knight. Percival the Wise, a
lonely dragon demands the
Blue Knight produce a virgin
mate. The girls fall for
unexpected husbands. Oh, dear!
Life on Avalon will never be
the same.
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From the time they were children, Baron
and Jade were heart-bonded and
mind-linked. When they reached
adulthood, they yearned for the bond of
physical love but their families
separated them using coercion and
Now, three years later, Jade has a plan
to send their separation. When Baron
arrives at the isolated cabin where Jade
is waiting, they finally discover the
fierce longings they once shared are
enough to make them truly two-as-one.